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WGBH Boston Public Radio [14m00s]“Bill McKibben on Boston Public Radio”

Skeptical Science“After 116 days, MIT fossil fuel divestment sit-in ends in student-administration deal for climate action”

Grist“MIT’s long-running divestment sit-in ends, but the fight isn’t over”

WMBR 88.1FM [26m45s]“What’s Left”

The Daily Caller“Fossil Free MIT Ends Months-Long Sit-In, MIT Still Refuses To Divest Oil Assets”“After 116 days, MIT divestment group ends sit-in”

Metro“MIT protestors end sit-in after 116 days”

WGBH“MIT Climate Activists Reach Agreement With Administrators, End 116-Day Sit-In”

Boston Globe“Protestors, MIT administration, reach agreement to end sit-in”

InsideClimate News“MIT Won’t Divest, but Students End Protest After Compromise”

Boston Magazine“MIT Climate Change Activists End Sit-in After 116 Days”

The Tech“Fossil Free MIT ends sit-in after agreement”

MIT News“Agreement on climate-related action reached by MIT administration and student-led group”

Boston Globe“MIT fossil fuel protestors settle in for long haul”

MIT Faculty Newsletter“Is This Really Who We Are?”

Harvard Crimson“On Divestment, Adopt the Toronto Principle”

Boston Globe“MIT joins global hunt for ways to cut carbon”

InsideClimate News“2015: The Year Divestment Hit the Mainstream”

CommonDreams“How Fossil Fuel Divestment Can Rewrite the Climate Narrative”

GOOD Magazine“How Fossil Fuel Divestment Can Rewrite the Climate Narrative”

The New York Times“Climate Advocates See Need for Continued Activism”

30ore ["30Hours"]“Clima, MIT e democrazia” ["Climate, MIT and democracy"]

Climate Mosaic“Fossil Free MIT demands university divestment from fossil fuels, climate action”

US News“Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Has Unintended Consequences”“Fossil fuel divestment sit-in at MIT President’s office hits 10,000,000,000-hour mark”

Boston Magazine“How MIT’S Divestment Protestors Spent Thanksgiving”

MoveOn 2016 Presidential ForumBernie Sanders responds to Fossil Free MIT

MoveOn 2016 Presidential Forum, Martin O’Malley responds to Fossil Free MIT

The Tech“Vigil held for high levels of atmospheric carbon”

Boston Herald“MIT students, faculty marking end of lower CO2 levels”

San Francisco Chronicle“MIT students, faculty marking end of lower CO2 levels”

Truthout, “Rejecting Campus Consensus, MIT Cozies Up to Fossil Fuels”

MIT Radius Blog“No Easy Decision”

Cambridge Day“MIT’s climate plan is a missed opportunity for leadership, lacks ambition, alumni say”

On Point with Tom Ashbrook (90.9 WBUR NPR) [27m24s]“Keystone Pipeline Killed: Is The Fight Really Over?”

University Times“The Students Fuelling the World’s Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns”“MIT students stage a sit-in to urge the university to divest from fossil fuels”

MIT Faculty Newsletter“A Response to President Reif’s Announced ‘Plan for Action on Climate Change’”

The Daily Free Press“One week after MIT non-divestment decision, BU groups push for change”“MIT Students Sit-In Over $13.5 Billion Fossil Fuels Endowment”

The Tech“A student’s response to the Plan for Action on Climate Change”

The Tech“MIT’s Climate Plan doesn’t add up. So we’re sitting-in.”

The Tech“Sit-in for divestment by president’s office hits one-week mark”

InsideClimate News“Partnership with Exxon Puts MIT’s Climate Action Vow to the Test”

Cambridge Chronicle“MIT’s paltry plan for climate action”

Boston Globe“Divestment Activists Protest Outside MIT President’s Office”

Common Dreams“#DivestMIT: Scientists Stage Sit-In to Demand Fossil Fuel Divestment”

Eco Watch“MIT Students: We’re Sitting-In at President Reif’s Door Until He Divests From Fossil Fuels”

WHDH News“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

MIT News“MIT announces five-year plan for action on climate change”

National Observer“MIT announces plan to combat climate change, but won’t divest from fossil fuel companies”

MyFoxBoston“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

The Sacramento Bee“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

The Guardian“MIT unveils plan to fight climate change but will not divest from fossil fuels”

San Francisco Chronicle“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

The Tech“MIT will not divest, announces climate change ‘action plan’ with key role for industry partners”

New York Times“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

Washington Times“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

Business Insider“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

ClimateWire/E&E News“MIT declines to divest from fossil fuels, angering student activists”

Tri-City Herald“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

Bloomberg“MIT Rejects Demands to Divest Fossil-Fuel Stocks, Joining Yale”

Boston Magazine“MIT Will Not Divest from Fossil Fuels”

Boston Globe“MIT won’t divest from fossil-fuel firms”

ABC News“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

CNBC“MIT to fight climate change, but won’t divest fossil fuels”

Cambridge Day“Community seeking fossil fuel divestment finds welcoming tone from MIT president”

The Tech“Climate rally unfurls banner near MIT board meeting”

WMBR 88.1FMBoston Talks [11m20s]

Cambridge Chronicle“PHOTOS: MIT Climate Countdown Rally”

WMBR 88.1FMWMBR Nightly News [19m5s]

The Somerville Times“Local and global voices call for MIT to divest”

The Tech“An Open Letter to Alumni Leaders”

Cambridge Chronicle“MIT Climate Countdown — A call to action”

MIT Faculty Newsletter“An Open Letter to President Reif and the Executive Committee on Divesting From Fossil Fuel Companies”

The Tech“Prominent activists call on MIT to sell fossil fuel stocks in open letter”

CleanTechnica“MIT Under Mounting Pressure To Divest From Fossil Fuels”

Boston Globe“In open letter, activists urge MIT to shed fossil fuel investments”

ThinkProgress“Prominent Climate Experts, Alumni Urge MIT To Divest From Fossil Fuels”

Huffington Post“MIT Climate Countdown: A Call to Action on October 2″

Boston Magazine“Ahead of MIT Climate Change Plan, Activists Appeal One More Time”

Boston Magazine“Harvard, Ye Hypocrites”

The Tech“Committee favors partial divestment”

Boston Globe“Common sense leadership by science citadel”

Boston Globe“Even if symbolic, divestment matters”

Boston Globe“A tool as global call to action grows”

MIT Technology Review, “Debating Divestment”

Clean Technica“MIT Committee Calls For Divestment As Lund University Makes Partial Divestment”

The Harvard Crimson“MIT Committee Recommends Targeted Fossil Fuel Divestment”

Pensions & Investments, “MIT group issues report advocating targeted divestment of coal and tar sands companies”

Boston Globe“MIT panel backs divestment from coal, tar sand firms”

Boston Magazine“Majority of MIT Climate Change Committee Supports Divestment from Coal and Tar Sands”

The Australian“MIT set to make stand on divestment”

MIT News“Climate-change committee submits community’s recommendations”

Boston Globe“MIT graduates urged to ‘be kind, be inclusive, be open’”

MIT News“President L. Rafael Reif’s charge to the graduates”



The Tech“Faculty urge divestment in open letter to Reif”

The Guardian“Keep it in the ground climate campaign: the week in brief”

The New Republic“Divestment Won’t Hurt Big Oil, and That’s OK”

The Tech“Faculty urged to weigh in on climate change, divestment”

The Nation, “Is the Carbon-Divestment Movement Reaching a Tipping Point?”

Yahoo! Finance, “To divest or not to divest: College students on fossil fuel debate”

Cambridge Wicked Local, “MIT panel debates fossil fuel divestment”

The Boston Globe (front page), “Two paths in urging colleges to divest”

MSNBC, “Growing fossil fuel divestment protests hit colleges nationwide”

The Tech, “MIT hosts debate on divestment as part of ‘climate change conversation’”

ThinkProgress, “Will Harvard Divest From Fossil Fuels? Students And Alumni Demand Answers In Week Of Action”

Climate Change National Forum, “The fossil-free movement at Harvard”

Chicago Tribune, “Student protests of schools’ energy holdings get different receptions at Harvard, MIT”

Yahoo! Finance, “Harvard Dismisses Climate Change Protesters While MIT Negotiates With Them”

Bloomberg, “Harvard climate protest grows while MIT joins activists in talks”

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Bulletin (featured story), “MIT Hosts Fossil Fuel Divestment Debate [Video]“

BostInno, “MIT Debates Halting Investments in Fossil Fuel Companies”

Scientific American, “M.I.T. Debates Whether to Drop Fossil-Fuel Investments”

ClimateWire, “MIT holds debate on divestment from fossil and other moves to combat climate change”

Get Energy Smart! Now!, “People want “services”, not “energy” nor a specific energy source…”

The Guardian, “Until universities divest from fossil fuels they will undermine all they stand for”

The Tech, “Alumni group starts fund to pressure MIT to divest”

The Tech, “Why MIT Faculty Should Sign the Petition to Divest from Fossil Fuels”

The Tech“An open letter on fossil fuel divestment”

MIT Faculty Newsletter, “Why MIT Faculty Should Sign the Petition to Divest from Fossil Fuels”

The Boston Globe, “Alumni can use a new tool to pressure universities to divest from fossil fuels”

The Boston Globe“Prominent alumni ramp up pressure on universities to divest”

Oceans@MIT“Voices of MIT at the People’s Climate March”

The Dish“Three Weeks From Now”

The Tech“It’s time for the Institute to divest from fossil fuels”

MIT News, “Reif issues statement on climate change demonstration”

WMBR“Special Audio Newscast On Climate Change Activism”

Boston Review, “The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Can Succeed Where Politics Failed”

The Tech“Are we willing to be honest about ethics?”

The Tech, “MIT should divest from fossil fuels”

The Tech, “The day after tomorrow, today”

The Tech, “When a leader should follow”



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