Divestment fulfills MIT’s moral imperative by putting an end to unconscionable investments of up to $1 billion per year in the industry at the root of global warming. 


Corruptio optimi pessima - Corruption of the best is the worst

Climate change preferentially afflicts those least to blame – our poor, our elderly and our unborn – for want not of solutions, but of courage in the face of greed. Year after year, MIT invests a large and unknown portion of its $11 billion endowment1 in the fossil fuel companies at the root of climate change, in order to make a profit. MIT is funding the only industry in the world that is allowed to pollute the planet for free.

Science is supposed to provide a moral check on the pursuit of self-interest, but instead we are lending fossil fuel companies a social licence – our “moral prestige”2. At Fossil Free MIT, we think it’s time to take it back.


The immorality of climate change.



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