Answering Divestment’s 7 Common Queries

Fossil Free MIT is, first and foremost, a climate change action group. Divestment is our tactic, but mitigating climate change is our goal. We wrestle with the theory of divestment every day, and have come to conclude that it is the only strategy at our disposal here at MIT that is commensurate with the scale and urgency of the climate crisis. But we can imagine that, like us, you might have some questions about divestment. Here are our thoughts on a few of the most common ones…

The short of it: Check out our Common Queries Infographic below for a summary of our responses to the 7 commonest questions about fossil fuel divestment.

The long of it: For those looking to delve a little deeper, or with other questions, head here for an elaboration on our Infographic.

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